Generative Models

These days the advancing digitisation of processes in the dental laboratory is a mega trend. Still, not all work sequences can be digitised, and thus the dental model forms an utterly important base for many restorations. In order to come up to the growing demand for digitally produced models and drilling templates the specialists for raw materials and machinery at Dreve Dentamid GmbH have profoundly engaged themselves in this topic.

With an enormous effort of the in-house department of Research and Development Dreve managed to realise all the measures necessary to allow the smooth and trouble-free process of rapid manufacturing. An important prerequisite was to realise the production of the quantities demanded by the dental market at an acceptable price per model. Another requirement was absolute top-level precision as expected by dental technicians. Therefore we consequently pushed the further development of the whole workflow including cleaning of the work piece as well as final curing with the help of flash lamps. We have been employing the generative manufacturing units D30 and D35 in our Unna factory for more than a year now. The Scan-LED technique used in these machines is a further development of stereolithography which allows for manufacturing with highest precision and attention to detail. Optics and haptics demanded by sophisticated customers as well as the optimum workability have now become reality.

With the introduction of the new ordering portal Print@Dreve, which can be found in the internet domain, Dreve Dentamid GmbH now offers a very convenient and easy to handle ordering system. The clou: Invoicing of the services will be done by the authorised distributor that is chosen by the dental lab. And still the highly qualified technical support is provided by the specialists at Dreve Dentamid GmbH.