The Procedure

The scan data first have to be processed by the dental laboratory or the dental practice by a corresponding model building software.

The virtually created dental model is then stored as an STL file and transferred to the web portal of the production model of Dreve Dentamid GmbH. After the choice of the dealer and the commercial confirmation the production begins and the subsequent dispatch in accordance with the option of the purchaser.

The manufacturing

Dreve Dentamid GmbH uses state-of-the-art scanning LED technology (SLT) for the generative production of dental models, among others D30/D35 and L5000D machinery.
These rapid prototyping / manufacturing systems meet the current industry standard with regard to precision, construction volume, material selection and process flexibility.

Using an extremely powerful LED light source, single images are projected onto the wetted construction platform. Through the movable exposure head, the exposure field moves in the xy direction over the construction platform.
Thus highly complex and high-precision components are generated in the layer construction process.